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2005-06-19 - 4:25 a.m.

Hey, I haven't wrote in this diary in a long time. They still haven't fixed the surveys on this site. Tomorrows Father Day. I got my Dad's present yesterday at the mall. I got him a Lord of the rings 3 poster, and 2 dvds. One dvd is a old cowboy classic and the other one is a classic tv. It has 15 hours on it. They were cheap. I am going to Las vegas next Monday. I am going with my family. I prob will be doing more drinking then gambiling. If I do gamble I will play the slot machines. I don't have that much money to put in. It really sucks not getting paid a lot to be able to spend money on what you want to do. Their are a lot of things I want to buy but I don't have enough money to buy them. I am going to start looking for a better paying job. I still work at the movie theater. It's ok but the new managers that took over are strict. We can't see any new movies until they are out for 2 weeks. I usually go and see them when our cool manager Kim is there. She doesn't care what movie we see. I just have to make sure the general manager is there. Well, I am going to be going.

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